Austin Purcell is a priest who works in a parish somewhere in Ireland. He has been described as the most boring priest in the world by Ted Crilly. He has a habit of talking about something and then changing the subject to something completely different, which many people find incredibly irritating. He seems not to care if the person he is talking to isn't listening, or if they had gotten so bored they have left him.


Mission work

Purcell has done some mission work in Nigeria. However, the entire population of the village he was staying in got so bored that they all sailed away in a boat. This resulted in the boat sinking after a mile or so, and they were all eaten by alligators, despite the fact that there are no wild alligators in Nigeria.

Parochial work

Purcell returned to work in an unknown parish in Ireland. He attended a raffle and a disco in 1996, where he repeatedly talked about random subjects such as a boiler, raffle tickets, extensions and humming noises.

Name etymology

  • Although Purcell's first name, Austin, is never heard, it does appear in the closing credits of the show. 'Austin' is a varient of the name 'Augustine', and is of Latin origin.
  • 'Purcell' is of Old French origin, and translates to 'piglet'.

Behind the scenes

  • Purcell is portrayed by Irish actor, Ben Keaton. On his official site, he often acts as his Father Ted character and offers audio greetings for sale.