"God Almighty! Imagine anyone being so dishonest as to steal raffle money from a priest!"
―Father Ted Crilly after Billy O'Dwyer had stolen his raffle money

Billy O'Dwyer is a DJ and priest who gigged at a disco and raffle that Ted and Dougal organized to raise funds in order to fix the leaking roof of the parochial house. He has a serious gambling addiction, which caused him to buy 2,000 raffle tickets and landed him in severe debts.

He was portrayed by Irish actor Gerry O'Brien.


O'Dwyer was booked to DJ at a disco and raffle, which was in aid of the repair of the roof of Craggy Island Parochial House. When asked what songs who was going to put on, O'Dwyer suddenly realised that he had forgotten all his records, however, he managed to salvage one: 'Ghost Town' by The Specials.

Later on in the evening, he bought £500 worth of raffle tickets to try and win a car. Although he had bought 2,000 tickets, he did not win as the raffle was rigged. This landed him in further debt and he was forced to steal the raffle money which had been raised over the course of the evening. He was never seen again.

Name etymology

  • 'Billy' is abbreviation of 'William'.
  • 'O'Dwyer' is of Gaelic and Irish origin, and translates to 'of the dark wise one'.
  • O'Dwyer is commonly referred to as 'The Spinmaster' due to his work as a DJ.