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Cyril McDuff is Dougal McGuire's equivalent on Rugged Island. He is extremely dim-witted and because of this Dick Byrne often gets irritated with him.


He first appears in the Series 1 episode "Competition Time" as a member of The Supremes along with Dick Byrne and Jim Johnson, ultimately losing a bet with the Craggy Island priests. He is next seen entering the Song for Europe' contest to choose Ireland's next Eurovision entry, ultimately losing again.

However, the Rugged Island priests manage to get one over on their enemies when they backtrack on their Lenten vows only for it to backfire when Sister Assumpta is sent to teach them a lesson.

In their final appearance, they take part in a football competition and the Craggy Island priests are discovered to have cheated their way to victory and as a result Ted Crilly has to kick Bishop Brennan up the arse. Cyril attempts to steal the corner flags from Dougal.