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Eoin McLove is a TV personality and singer adored by many middle-aged women including Mrs. Doyle. He is a parody of popular Irish singer Daniel O'Donnell.


Very childlike in nature, akin to Dougal McGuire, Eoin has his own TV game show which is watched by several middle-aged women. Mrs. Doyle even gets excited when he comes on the screen and when he hosts a poetry competition which will see him visit the home of the winner, both she and Ted write entries. A stunned Mrs. Doyle ends up winning and dons herself up in make up to impress him when he arrives. She reluctantly spills the beans to Mrs. Boyle about him coming to visit.

He is not very impressed when he shows up at the parochial house and after his assistant Patsy gives Ted and Dougal a few pointers he knocks on the living room door, asking to be let in. A starstruck Mrs. Doyle gives him a banana cake, which she has baked, but to his horror, he realizes she has baked a jumper into it. However, he accepts it and kisses her cheek, leading her to fainting.

Later that evening, they get a nasty shock when several middle-aged women show up at the parochial house wanting to catch a glimpse of their idol and they manage to get inside through a window only when Ted has been tricked into opening it. This leads to the priests, Patsy and Eoin barricading themselves in the bathroom, before Mrs. Doyle steps in, telling the women to go home to their husbands. 

The following morning, Ted apologizes for the events of the night before and notices that Eoin has packed several souvenirs (i.e. their property) for himself. Ted also asks about another poem that he received and Eoin said it was so bad that the police had to be called. He also mentions that he has no willy. In order to repay him properly, Ted decides to go on his TV show but when asked what Pope John Paul II's name was before he became Pope, he draws a blank for several minutes before finally answering "Jim?"

Despite his well-natured and polite manner he presents on TV, it turns out he's really very rude, spoilt and inconsiderate, preferring to spend his visits running out the clock to the minimal amount of time required to stay so he can leave, not bothering to talk to anybody, and even insulting his hosts. He also seems to be very abusive with his influence and power, taking or destroying anything he feels like, and at one point, when being reprimanded by Ted for eating jam out of the jar, he responds with 'Go away, I can have you killed'.