Fintan Fay is an elderly priest working in a parish in Killybashangel, Ireland who is speech-impaired and communicates through strange, gibbering, one-syllable noises, which seems to be understood by everyone around him.  He was portrayed by the late Irish actor Jimmy Keogh


It seems that Fay is both physically and mentally disabled, usually being accompanied by another priest acting as a carer. He is frightened by his own reflection, and his carers make sure he doesn't see his dog collar as he doesn't know he is a priest. He walks with a strange, neanderthal stride, and usually needs to hold someone's hand. His speech and gait both earned him the nickname, the 'Monkey Priest'.

When he showed up at Father Jack's wake in the Series 1 finale "Grant Unto Him Eternal Rest", he made a series of unintelligible sounds which Ted could understand, since he revealed that Jack had a sibling.  He caused a scene when he climbed up on the bookshelf and started throwing the books down, much to the dismay of fellow priests who tried to coax him down.

Despite this, while the priests were on the doomed flight back from a shrine in the Series 2 finale "Hell", Fay gave a speech to try and earn a parachute. Despite giving the speech through his strange, monkey-like language, everyone present seemed to understand it, so much so that they appluaded when he had finished. Prior to this, Noel Furlong took him into the cockpit but he freaked out upon seeing his reflection.

Name etymology

  • Fay's first name, 'Fintan', is of Gaelic and Irish origin, and means 'little fair one'.
  • 'Fay' is of Gaelic and Irish origin, and means 'raven'.

Behind the scenes

  • The name of his parish Killybashangel is a play on the name of Irish drama series Ballykissangel.