Jim Halpin (also referred to as Auld Jim) is an elderly resident of Craggy Island.


He first appears outside the cinema when Ted and Dougal try to prevent him from seeing "The Passion of Saint Tibulus", which they are protesting against on Bishop Brennan's orders. He shows them the newspaper with their photograph since their protest has garnered a lot of attention.

He next appears when Ted tries to get out of saying Mass since novelist Polly Clarke has invited him to her cottage on the island that evening. He fabricates a story that Jim is dying and has gone a bit deaf and is sick but Jim hears Dougal calling him and comes to the parochial house, where Dougal says he was not aware that Jim was sick and dying. Jim says that he just had a cold but feels fine.

In his final appearance, he is revealed to have been a witness to Mr. Benson's grey whistle being stolen.