Laura Sweeney, portrayed by Zara Turner, is a senior partner with the law firm "Corless, Corless & Sweeney".


After Jack 'dies', she visits the parochial house and introduces herself.   She reads Jack's will, which causes them to snicker when she mentions that Jack was "of sound mind", and she reveals that he left both of them a large sum of money. Ted faints when he realizes that it is £500,000 each.

When he comes to and Laura is about to leave, they say they will discuss everything with the solicitor (still not copping on that she is an actual solicitor) and she becomes enraged by their constant teasing with Dougal adding "If you're a solicitor, I'm Boy George". This leads to her swearing and punching Ted before the priests end up spending the night with Jack's body in the crypt.