Polly Clarke is a romance novelist who Ted Crilly is a big fan of. She was portrayed by Irish actress Gemma Craven.


Ted first meets Polly when he attends her book signing and she signs a copy of a book for him.  However, when he leaves the shop he notices that she has signed it "Ted Curley" rather than his actual name.  They encounter each other in the underground car park and again at a set of traffic lights, with the latter incident leading to him receiving a bloody nose when he accidentally runs into the car in front of him.

When he arrives home, he is stunned to find her in his living room and she tells him she is staying there since the cottage she hired is not ready yet.  Mrs. Doyle does not take to her and shows her to her room, where she gets a fright when Jack refuses to get off her bed.  Ted says he thinks it is his room and Jack will only leave when shown the blue card to calm him down.

The following day, she chats to him about books and notices a bookmark in his copy of "War & Peace", which he has hardly read.  She invites him to join her for a housewarming party in her cottage which ultimately leads to him cutting Mass short that evening.  He arrives at the house with a few cuts to his face due to him hitching a ride with Tom, who is not a good driver.  

As they chat alone, Ted finds himself more and more attracted to her and is shocked when she reveals that she wants to become a nun.  After she again addresses him as "Father Ted Curley", he becomes irritated at her getting his name wrong again and introduces himself as " Father Ted Crilly" and leaves.


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