The Very Dark Caves are a group of caves situated somewhere off Craggy Island that Ted and Dougal visit in the episode "The Mainland". Its slogan is "It's Almost Like Being Blind!".


While visiting, Ted notices actor Richard Wilson talking to a tour guide and suggests to Dougal that he (Ted) should go up to him and yell his famous catchphrase "I don't believe it!" from One Foot in the Grave at him. However, this leads to Wilson attacking Ted. The phrase is uttered again when Ted is impressed with the tour guide's knowledge during the tour of the cave, leading to another assault.

When Ted and Dougal flee they unfortunately run into Noel Furlong and his youth group. One of the group says they've been stuck there for the past few days and Noel excitedly says they've been having a great time (when in fact the group are sick of him). After singing Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody", having somehow veered off the topic of escaping the cave, Noel suggests having a screeching contest but ends up causing a cave in due to his screeching, after the youth group refuses to take part. While Ted and Dougal unwillingly keep him company the youth group, who said they would get help, has actually booked four tickets to Paraguay.

Ted and Dougal escape the cave and approach who they believe to be a member of staff, when in fact he's a binman. The episode ends with Noel still stuck under the pile of rocks singing Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls".