Tony Lych is a member of St. Luke's Youth Group.


He is the guitar player of the group who is often the target of Noel Furlong's hurtful jibes.

He first appears in the Series 2 premiere "Hell" with the rest of the youth group and Noel Furlong as they end up in the caravan that Ted, Dougal and Jack are holidaying in.  When the priests are later out and about exploring the island, Noel and the youth group do a round of Irish dancing, which causes the caravan to topple over.

His next and final appearance is in the final series episode "The Mainland".  After Ted and Dougal get trapped in the "Very Dark Caves", Noel frightens them by appearing as a ghost. 

He then entertains them (in other words annoys them) with a rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" before Ted asks the group how long they have been in there.  Gerry Fields thinks they have been in there for two days until Noel says they have been having a great time.  Ted says they should think of a way to escape but Noel, who thinks it's a great idea, says they will probably end up having to eat each other and mimics himself eating Tony, followed by fake crying when he would have to tell Tony's parents about their son's fate.  Tony ends up losing his cool and repeatedly yells at Noel to shut up.  Noel acts shocked and says that he is putting Tony on his list of enemies, which actually ends up being a piece of paper with the words "I REALLY LIKE TONY".  Noel then decides to have a screeching contest only for his screeching to result in him being buried under a pile of rocks while everyone flees.

Ted and Dougal remain behind with a trapped Noel, who tells them the youth group went to get help, when they are actually seen purchasing tickets for an Aer Lingus flight to Paraguay.


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